"Allow the world to inspire you, and allow yourself to inspire the world." -Me


Lemme hear you say HEY MS CARTER.

(via tyleroakley)

You can love more than one person in your life. I just feel like all the broken hearted should hear that. <3

Never let a man tell you what to do. Because you slowly lose your spontaneity. Never let a man tell you what you can and can’t wear. Because you lose your individuality. Never let a man have such an influence on the way you think. Because you WILL lose the gift of personal opinion. Never let a man tell you what kind of music you can’t listen to. Because you will lose your gift of choice. Never let a man tell you who you can be friends with. Because you will slowly end up alone. 

Women of the world, have the self respect to know that you are a treasure that is not supposed to be hidden or tamed. Living a life of always being controlled is one of the poisons of creativity, wonder, and dreams. Have the courage to realize you are you for a reason and that is ok. You are perfect the way you are with all your amazing ideas and thoughts that are YOUR’S. <3

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